Our Focus

* We are early investors, often providing the company’s first outside capital, and are not afraid of investing in pre-revenue companies.
* Companies must provide a unique solution to an existing urgent need. We don't invest in companies which try to change consumer behavior or create a new consumer need.
* We look for companies that are able to leverage advances in distribution, technology or marketing to change industry economics or invent a new business model.
* We tend to focus on companies and markets where we have a strong experience base and ability to add value. Speaking broadly, this tends to focus us around technology-based, marketing focused companies – with an emphasis on consumer-facing business. [Note: We reject more deals for this reason than any other. We only invest in what we know -- and a rejection from us doesn't mean your business won't succeed...it just means we can't help it succeed].
* Entrepreneurs must know what they are talking about – and have a clear understanding of their marketplace, their competitors and the financial dynamics of the industry.
We value simplicity and clarity – if it takes more than 5 minutes to get us excited about your business, you might be trying to do too many things…
* Beginners make a lot of mistakes. We look for proven management, with emphasis on repeat entrepreneurs who are strong executors.
* Too many companies treat marketing and sales as a tactical afterthought. We believe marketing is strategic and seek companies that are marketing focused – with marketing requirements driving product development.
* We love investing in technologies and business models that are able to shrink existing markets. If your company can take $5 of revenue from a competitor for every $1 you earn – let's talk!
* We tend to be active investors. We believe our insight and expertise are far more valuable than our capital – and we look for entrepreneurs who feel the same and want our help.
* Over 1 million has been invested in private companies by venture capital funds and angel investors over the past 1 years. The lack of a functioning IPO market and minimal M&A activity have left shareholders with few options for liquidity in these investments. Moreover, systemic problems facing companies wanting to go public, including lack of research sponsorship, requirements stemming from listing, compound the problem of an IPO as an exit strategy. For those companies seeking to stay private, administrative burdens surrounding shareholder management and communication add to the pressing need for liquidity.
* Through Gingko Capital, private companies have the ability to opt-in to an organized and controlled private marketplace environment. This platform enables early investors and employee shareholders of private companies to exit their investments in cooperation with company management. Gingko Capital affords companies with a set of robust tools, allowing streamlined shareholder communication and access to Gingko Capital's market participants.
* Entrepreneurs - liquidity and no headaches. Helping you find liquidity in illiquid situations. That has been Gingko Capital's mission since our founding, and we have succeeded in a number of markets.